Posted by: Tridex | March 21, 2009

Quitting Club Penguin For Real Once and For All

This has been going on for a REALLY LONG TIME.
And this is the end.

I am quitting Club Penguin. I need to continue with my life.
There is no point in doing this.

I will be Selling Everything. Even WordPress Credits. Send $30 to my paypal which is And I’ll send you 30 Credits. Email me another price and I will give you my Penguin, which has a lot of items.

I don’t know what happens, I won’t be returning, and even Sparrow X5. I’m very sorry that this is happening, Club Penguin isn’t just best anymore. It was good at the time I blogged for fun, but now its like a nuisance I consider it work, and nobody wants to work without getting something in return.

Farewell, Penguins.
Good Luck.

My Journey has Ended.
-Tridex 295.

Posted by: Tridex | March 21, 2009

Blogging – Other

I posted this because we aren’t only going to Post about Club Penguin, since we don’t like it that much. Also of Club Sleet. Stay Tuned!


Posted by: Tridex | March 16, 2009


Hello Fellow Penguins!
Do you remember me? It’s Jx 95! I quitted Club Penguin, but I’m back, especially Sam 95. Our names have changed, mine is Tridex 295, and Sam 95’s is Sparrow X5. Club Sleet even brought us back.

So we came to Blog of Club Sleet too. However, we won’t be posting That much because we aren’t that interested in CP, anyways we will, Lol.
Hope we succeed in the Blog, thanks for visiting, come again!

-Tridex 295 and Sparrow